ÅBRO Design Competition

In collaboration with Tom Lunde, we created these graphic logos for Åbro design contest.

The brief for the competition were as follows:

"We need your help to create a new basic design that can be applied to the entire bridge Master's product line so that each product is unique, but also a part of a whole. Sets to all bridge Master next to each other, one should see a common thread that runs through the design idea. In addition, should the course the new design allowing for future contributions in Bryggmästarseries"


Our thoughts on design:

The idea of ​​our design is to give a different "look" from the current range. Not only in Åbros range but the entire beer selection available on store shelves. We want to create a log that is perceived attractive to the buyer. The design consists of the same foundations as the previous sign. We have chosen to walk away from a classic round design language to a more straight and modern designs with color gradations.